Look at our house air and manage it!

Through AirTumbler’s emotional lighting or mobile applications
Check your air condition in real time and start managing air quality!

AirTrumbler can measure not only indoor air quality but also indoor and outdoor
It is a system that can measure and compare air quality.


What is needed to maintain the comfort of indoor air ???
Ventilating with clean outdoor air rather than air purifiers and various electronic devices is a good way to live a healthy life.
Would not it be helpful to keep in touch?
Ventilate compared to outdoor air.

AirTumbler is a tumbler shaped product,
I drink a glass of fresh air. ”

How about a fresh air with AirTumbler?

Are you worried about fine dust in spring?

Chemicals such as TVOC and carbon dioxide are removed only through ventilation.
But what if the outdoor air is bad?

AirTumbler is intuitive with mobile applications and emotional lighting.
You can check the air condition.


Manage your air smarter with AirTumbler!

You can download AirTumbler mobile apps from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.