Leo Tech Launches ‘Air Tumbler’ for Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality Compensator

“We measure the indoor and outdoor air quality and accurately inform the timing of ventilation”

Leotec Co., Ltd. announced today that it has officially launched ‘Air Tumbler’, an indoor and outdoor air quality measuring instrument based on IoT (Internet of Things).

The air tumbler provides good timing to ventilate by analyzing and analyzing room, inside and outside air quality at the same time.

It is a built-in environmental sensor that measures ultrafine dust, volatile organic compounds, carbon dioxide, temperature, humidity, etc. and transmits the information to the server. The transmitted information is analyzed in detail and provided as a mobile application and provides appropriate behavioral instructions according to indoor and outdoor air quality conditions.

An official of LeoTech said, “Normally, when the outdoor air quality is worse, it causes adverse effects.” The air tumbler compares and measures the indoor air quality and the outdoor air quality to make more efficient coping I will show you how. ”

Ventilation when the outdoor air quality is worse is to prevent the inverse effect of worse indoor air.

Air tumblers are divided into indoor and outdoor equipment. Indoor and outdoor air quality can be found through indoor devices. The lamps are mounted on the top and bottom of the indoor unit. The five colors of the lamps can be used to check the air quality. The upper lamp indicates indoor air quality and the lower lamp indicates outdoor air quality.

“Air volumetric compounds, benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon dioxide are not solved by air cleaners but can only be ventilated,” said Choi Seok-joon, CEO of Leo Tech. “Air tumblers that measure indoor and outdoor air at the same time provide an efficient solution for your situation. I can receive it. ”

Euphong Hong
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