AirTumbler App

Check real-time air condition through AirTumbler mobile application and start interior air improvement according to the suggested instruction.

You can download AirTumbler mobile application at Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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Introduce AirTumbler App.

AirTumbler mobile application is an app that checks inside and outside air information collected from AirTumbler device at the smart phone. It enables to check previous data, weather information and local information through graph as well as real-time air quality index.


Various information supply

AirTumbler App supplies daily, weekly and monthly data graph based on measured information in the device.
Through provided graph, the hourly and daily air quality change trend and occurrence event can be checked.

And, based on location based service, it provides real-time weather information and weather broadcasting for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Start smart air quality control with various services provided by AirTumbler!

Various functions

  • Air quality check
    Air quality check
    Supply information for real time
    air measurement items
  • Graphic information
    Graphic information
    Supply data trend through daily,
    weekly and monthly graph
  • Interlocking with electronic product
    Interlocking with electronic product
    Electronic product control through smart outlet
    (to be released)
  • scr-app-009
    Suggest behavioral know-how according
    to current air quality condition
  • Weather information
    Weather information
    Supply brief weather information
    of current location
  • Various additional functions
    Various additional functions

Outstanding Flexibility

Air Quality
Air Quality
App provides real-time air quality information through embedded environment sensor in the device.
It provides data through graphic based on measured information.
Social Share
Social Share
Share measured air condition with friends through Facebook sharing function.
Action Tips
Action Tips
It suggests suitable behavioral know-how based on measured air information.

How It Works

Download and install AirTumbler App
Download and install AirTumbler App.
You can download AirTumbler App at Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
Connect AirTumbler
Connect AirTumbler.
AirTumbler supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Using these telecommunication methods, connect AirTumbler App to smart phone.
Start house air quality measurement
Start house air quality measurement!
Check real time air index with installed AirTumbler and check measured information through mobile App.

Install the AirTumbler App right now!

google play - app download App storeapp download