Drink, a cup of fresh Air!

AirTumbler Instroduction Video

It is not an air quality measurer.

AirTumbler is not a simple air quality measurer.

Based on IoT technology that connects objects, it checks house air quality through environment sensor and notifies air quality with users through emotional light or mobile application in the device. In doing so, it leads to interior air quality improvement behavior and connects products to interior air quality improvement.

As such it is a smart air quality management system.

What does it measure?

AirTumbler measures 5 items and integrated index through environment sensor installed inside the device.
Such measured information is converted to index with actual measurement score and 100 point scale and
it can be checked at emotional light or mobile application.

  • Air quality integrated index
    Air quality integrated index

    It collects 5 measured items and indicates index of current interior air quality. It is expressed at 100-point scale and can be checked at emotional light of the device.

  • Temperature

    Improper interior temperature causes interior air contamination or weakening immunity.

  • Humidity

    Interior air condition with bad humidity causes adverse effect to respiratory organ of human and causes spreading of fungus and virus.

  • Ultra fine dust PM 2.5
    Ultra fine dust PM 2.5

    Ultra fine dust cannot be filtered at airway causing heart disease and respiratory disease.

  • CO2

    If CO2 value increases,
    it causes dizziness and headache.

  • TVOC

    TVOC is well known for sick house syndrome and is a carcinogen causing nerve disorder through breathing.

See air in the house and manage it!

Through emotional light and mobile application of AirTumbler, check air condition of the house and start managing air quality!

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    Design – Drink a cup of fresh air

    AirTumbler is a tumbler shaped product which is designed as a concept ‘Drink a cup of fresh air.’ Such shape is not only easy to mount the product, but also useful for the user to check air condition more intuitively with smooth air circulation. With AirTumbler, why don’t you drink a cup of fresh air?

  • Check and manage air through mobile application.

    Check real-time air condition through AirTumbler mobile application and start interior air improvement according to the suggested instruction. You can download AirTumbler mobile application at Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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    Warm emotional light

    AirTumbler is not only a mobile application but also it indicates air quality condition through LED emotional light attached at top and center of the device.

    Blue : Good
    Green : Normal
    Yellow : Poor
    Red : Very poor

  • Compare inside and outside air and ventilate!

    AirTumbler Outdoor is outdoor product that collects air quality installed outside and transmits it to AirTumbler hub through RF communication.

    Install AirTumbler Outdoor to compare and measure inside and outside simultaneously to manage air!

  • Simultaneous Inside and outside air measurement

    If AirTumbler Outdoor is installed, inside and outside air quality can be compared at mobile application at the same time. Through this data, the application provides ventilation time through Push alarm.

  • Manage more smartly

    Chemical materials such as TVOC or CO2 can only removed by ventilation. What if outside air quality is poor?

    Manage house air quality more smartly with AirTumbler Outdoor!

AirTumbler Product Series

AirTumbler Product Series

Reliability per measurement element

  • Temperature
    Semiconductor (Band Gap) / -40 ~ 125℃
  • Humidity
    Capacitance (Capacitive Polymer) / 0~100%(relative humidity)
  • Ultra fine dust PM 2.5
    Ultra fine dust PM 2.5
    Light scattering (Laser) / 0~800 µg/m³
  • CO2
    NDIR / 400 ~ 2,000ppm
  • TVOC
    Semiconductor (MEMS metal oxide) / 125 ~ 600ppb